Aimsiu Inc. offers a full service product to the insurance industry with coverage from coast to coast in Canada as well as many other parts of the world.


Corporate assignments ranging from risk assessment and mitigation to fraud investigations, from vetting staff to counter espionage, Aimsiu can work with you.


At Aimsiu Inc. we have the experience and expertise to assist in all matters of civil or criminal investigation, in Canada and with a global reach.

Risk Mitigation

It is not possible to avoid all risk but at Aimsiu Inc. we can assist our clients minimise exposure to risk and to mitigate the effects of that risk.


As a result of having worked in many parts of the world we have a network of associates and colleagues with a global reach we believe to be at approximately 84%.

Workplace Investigations

The staff at Aimsiu have a wealth of experience conducting workplace investigations of all types, particularly workplace harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault and workplace violence complaints.