The staff at Aimsiu through many years of experience with respect to all manner of insurance investigations are well equipped to handle any investigation in the insurance industry. In particular there are several specific areas in which Aimsiu Incorporated has unique expertise.

Special areas of expertise

Life Insurance & Accidental Death Claims have been a speciality of the staff at Aimsiu since 1993. From a time when an average life insurance policy had a value of less than $50,000 to the current day when multi-million dollar coverage is becoming ever more common, there are few investigators with our level of experience.

Our experience is truly global. From investigating claims made during the two year contestability period in order to establish the exact cause of death; to travelling to foreign countries to obtain proof that the deceased is really alive. Our investigations have motivated a Canadian Coroner to change a verdict from Undetermined to Suicide. Our investigations have resulted in a body being exhumed in Europe for further identification. Our investigations have located allegedly deceased persons alive and well. Our investigations have saved insurance companies millions of dollars.

Aimsiu Incorporated has a network of associates in many provinces of Canada as well as throughout the world. We have personally worked with a great many of our associates in their native region and are familiar with the unique challenges they face when conducting an investigation, be it privacy laws in British Columbia or the lack of records in eastern Africa. Through the use of our associates, we are able to minimise the costs and ensure the timely delivery of information. We are highly adept at document retrieval, particularly medical records, across Canada.

Group Benefit Fraud (Health and Dental) effects the people who need the benefits the most while lining the pockets of unscrupulous plan members, practitioners and clinic owners (to mention a few).

Medical fraud as a whole has been the subject of many investigations undertaken by the staff of Aimsiu over twenty years resulting in a rounded knowledge in many aspects of the medical industry. Our staff have investigated fraudulent practitioners/clinic operations, counterfeit prescriptions, fake doctors, syndicated employee health benefit fraud, opportunistic benefit fraud, pharmaceutical patent infringement, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, and many other health care issues on three continents.

Our investigations have resulted in numerous arrests and convictions in the field of group benefit fraud as well as motor vehicle related claims fraud. We pride ourselves on finding solutions and recognise that not all group benefit fraud requires protracted investigation, other solutions are available.

We conduct witness interviews, take statements, liaise with law enforcement, conduct due diligence and background/social media checks to mention a few of many investigative methods used in this area. We can also conduct surveillance if required.