Aimsiu Inc. can assist with all manner of corporate investigation, including the following scenarios:

Are your stock reconciliations failing to make sense? Is stock missing? Is there an upswing in theft? It is possible that your company is suffering from opportunistic employee theft. It is also possible that your company is being targeted by a theft to order organisation.

Are your group health benefit premiums rising faster than your staff levels? Are you having to reduce the levels of coverage to compensate? You may have a syndicate converting some of your employee’s health benefits to cash and costing your company thousands of dollars while depriving those who need the medical coverage.

Do your competitors seems to be ahead of your company? Are your ideas, plans or strategies being employed by your competitors? Your company could be the victim of industrial espionage conducted through your employees or by other means.

Are you travelling to a country in which there is an expectation of danger? Many countries in the world have an element of dissatisfied populace that pose a threat to travelling business people.

with a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff, we have access to many tools and a vast level of experience from the ACFE which assist us to conduct fraud investigations for a fraction of the cost that one would expect.

Through our system of clinic inspections, practitioner interviews and our knowledge and experience of the healthcare system we can work with your insurance carrier to minimise the impact of benefit conversion.

Through our referral network, Electronic Counter Measures can be undertaken if there is reason to believe that your company may have monitoring devices implanted on site. It is prudent to have offices swept after the departure of key staff especially if there is acrimony in the separation. This service is not not conducted by Aimsiu Inc. staff.

Through our network of contacts we can arrange for security experts (primarily former special forces) to provide the level of protection necessary for the country in question. This service is not conducted by Aimsiu Inc. staff.

The infiltration of an undercover operative into an organisation or company with the intent of gathering information pertinent to wrong doing within the company, commonly on the shop floor.

Typically, such an operation is aimed at reducing shrinkage and increasing productivity by identifying individuals or ring leaders who are stealing, organising theft or disrupting productivity through other means. Evidence is collected that allows the company to remove the individuals in question and/or commence legal action.

2. Aimsiu Inc. has years of experience operating undercover operations at a variety of levels including what is commonly known as the “Mystery Shopper”. Our staff are all licenced professional private investigators and are trained to observe and report many facets of a client’s operation, far in excess of the traditional Mystery Shopper. As a result we refer to these operations as Internal Intelligence.

By posing as a customer, tourist or just an ordinary member of the public, our investigators report on the all areas of the client’s operation that are open to the public. Our clients have found this service to be ideal for discovering weaknesses in security, staff dishonesty and customer service levels as well as obtaining positive feedback on excellent staff. The information obtained is then used to tighten or fine tune systems in place to increase profitability.