About Us

Aimsiu Incorporated is a company built on the premise of providing our clients with an excellent and timely service, accurate information and good value for money. With this in mind we offer a professional, thorough and cost effective service which we feel surpasses that of our competitors.

We are proud of the name Aimsiu, which is an ancient Gaelic word meaning “find or discover". In modern English, the word Aimsiu implies purpose and direction. The founder of Aimsiu is James Meadway who has a wealth of experience. He started his career in the military and was first licensed as a Private Investigator in Ontario in the late 1980's. In the mid 1990's he relocated to England where he worked for a major investigative company before undertaking a long term undercover position in South Africa. Upon the successful conclusion of the undercover assignment he remained in South Africa operating his own business until returning to Canada in the latter part of 2006. Until late 2014, he continued his career, working as the Assistant Vice President of Investigative Services for a Markham, Ontario based investigative service provider. James is a Certified Fraud Examiner in good standing.

Aimsiu is a full service company offering Risk Mitigation and Investigative services on a local, national and international level. Aimsiu Inc. is licensed and insured.

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