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At AIMSIU every project we take on is both strategically planned and then delivered on the ground by one of our highly experienced directors. We dont pass work down the line to people without the experience needed to get great results, and thats why we consistently deliver better results faster than our competitors.


Global Reach Local knowledge

Understanding the culture of the people we need to gain intelligence from has proven to influence results more than any other factor. Our Directors have lived and worked across the globe, with local knowledge and strong international networks, we know what methods will work best even before we take on your project.


Agility continuous reporting

At AIMSIU we pride ourselves on passing everything back to you as we move forward. Even a small piece of intelligence passed on quickly can begin to change a situation fast. Our dedication to on the ground client reporting has been a huge factor in making us one of the most agile and responsive firms in the world.

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Anyone can use the services of a private investigator as long as the purpose of the investigation does not contravene any civil or criminal laws. At Aimsiu we have experience working for major corporations, insurance companies, lawyers and even private individuals.

A private investigator is by definition a person who can help you find clarity to your situation by investigating the matter and determining the facts as they are. At Aimsiu we pride ourselves in our methodical approach to investigations that leave our clients with a clear and unambiguous picture of the events.

Private investigators, depending on training and experience can assist in many area's. PI's are most famous for matrimonial disputes when in fact such investigations make up a tiny fraction of the work undertaken by most investigators in todays world. At Aimsiu we have many years of diverse experience along with additional training in area's such as dedicated fraud investigation. In all probability, if you need answers Aimsiu can help, just call, all initial consultations are free.

Each assignment has it's own requirements in time commitments, resources, etc. At Aimsiu we discuss this with our client and outline exactly what our costs will be to reach a mutually agreed budget. We rarely exceed a budget and would never do so without the prior consent of our client. As such our client can rest assured that they are receiving the best value for money possible with no hidden "extra's".

If you have a legal matter, you should consult a lawyer. If you have a financial matter that needs addressing immediately you should consult an accountant. That said, in many cases, we work along side the lawyers and even accountants to investigate legal and financial matters including fraud. There are occasions when a private investigator with a CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) designation can provide you with the initial help you require in determining if a fraud took place (and if so, how, who and when) for a fraction of the cost of a chartered accounting company. Call and speak to our trained staff - all initial consultations are free.

In many jurisdictions it is necessary for private investigators to be licensed and registered. In Canada each province has it's own licensing body. Aimsiu, being based in Ontario is licensed and registered with the Ministry of Correctional Services, has investigative body status and all of our investigators are licensed.